Pet of the Week – Heart of the Rockies Radio

Pet of the Week - Heart of the Rockies Radio
Pearl is our Heart of the Rockies Radio News pet of the week! 
Pearl is one of our three white dogs (Lilly & King) who have been lingering at the shelter for several months now, Pearl since March of this year. We’d love to see all three of these great pups in loving homes soon!
About Pearl: She is an 8 year old female American Staffordshire terrier mix who has been staying in an awesome foster home for over 3 months now. She does well when left alone and her foster described her as a calm, sweet dog who rarely barks and enjoys walks around the neighborhood and shorter hikes on the weekends. She loves to meet new people and has great recall, she knows lots of tricks too (down, spin, sit and stay to name a few!) Pearl lived with cats in her previous home and did well with them!
She’d love to meet you soon!
PS since she is our Pet of the Week her adoption fees are half off, just $37.50, until next Wednesday!
We hope to hear from you soon!