Make a difference in the lives of the animals at Ark-Valley Humane Society  today.

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Volunteers are a critical part of what AVHS does everyday for the animals.

There are so many opportunities to partner with us to enrich the lives of the animals currently at the shelter. Opportunities to help include, walking our dogs and providing enrichment and training to our dogs and cats. Volunteers also assist with chores such as laundry, washing dishes, yard work, shelter maintenance projects and keeping our facility clean. Volunteers can also help with transporting animals, cleaning the adoptable cat room, helping at special events and fostering animals.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be at least 12 years old to volunteer at the shelter or at events.
  • Volunteers ages 12-15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during orientation, training, and while volunteering.
  • Comfortable around dogs and cats.
  • If working with cats or dogs, commit to regularly scheduled shifts.
  • Purchase a $10 volunteer t-shirt to be worn when volunteering.
  • Complete a Volunteer Application, Volunteer Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement.  For youth volunteers, a parent or guardian will also need to complete their own volunteer application and become a volunteer.
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation at the shelter.
  • Complete dog or cat proficiency training.


STEP 1: Start by filling out an online Volunteer Application (see forms below).

STEP 2: You will then receive an email from our volunteer coordinator who will provide you dates for upcoming volunteer orientation sessions. Please note-it’s extremely important to respond to this email so we can add you to the list of attendees for orientation.

STEP 3: At the orientation session, you will tour Ark-Valley Humane Society and and learn about our mission and values. You will also sign a Code of Conduct Contract as well as a Volunteer Liability Waiver.

STEP 4: Purchase your volunteer T-Shirt and sign up for dog or cat proficiency and your first volunteer shift at the completion of orientation.

STEP 5: When you attend your first shift, you will complete dog or cat proficiency with a staff member. Here you will be trained on how to properly handle the animals at AVHS and learn more about how you will be helping the shelter animals.

STEP 6: Once you complete the dog or cat proficiency, you are a fully-trained volunteer!

Please note: Kids under 12 that would like to volunteer are not able to volunteer at the shelter. Please visit our page on DIY volunteer opportunities such as baking dog treats at home, hosting a fundraiser at your school or making cat toys.  Or consider asking your parent to foster a shelter animal instead.