Together Fur-ever

Together Fur-ever

By: Judy Hamontre, AVHS Vice-chair

One of the goals of Ark-Valley Humane Society is to keep pets and their humans together. It is a special bond of love, not meant to be broken.

Such strong bonds can also exist between animals. Sadly, it can be difficult to keep these closely connected cats and dogs together because people often cannot adopt two animals.

Luckily that was not the scenario for two adorable, older kittens, Sweet Pea and Rowdy.

This duo was raised together from kittenhood. Sadly their owner could no longer keep them and made the incredibly difficult decision to bring the pair to AVHS, with the hopes that they could remain together in a new, loving home.

Sweet Pea and Rowdy were inseparable, but finding a person willing to tackle 2 balls of energy was not looking hopeful.

Then the more outgoing, Sweet Pea became ill and had to be quarantined away from her buddy. Rowdy became depressed, making it apparent how attached the two were.

Happily, Sweet Pea recovered, was reunited with Rowdy and both were adopted, together! During that extra time a wonderful human appeared. It is possible neither cat would have thrived in the most loving of homes if not with their best friend.

Now two dogs, Annie and Maverick, both seniors are in a similar situation. They have been together for many years and are inseparable. Both are easy going and lovable.

If you would like to make their tails wag with good news by adopting them, contact AVHS at or call 719-395-2737.



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