Turnip and Cheetah

Turnip and Cheetah

I adopted Turnip and Cheetah on December 15th 2013. I had recently lost my 18 year old chocolate point Siamese and I knew that eventually I wanted to adopt two kittens. A good friend lives in Salida, and I was heading up to visit over the weekend, when I was advised to look at your web site and to bring my cat carrier with me. I had no intention of adopting so soon after loosing Angel. I drove up from Denver to meet Turnip, after looking at his picture I knew I had to meet him. When I picked Turnip and Cheetah up they had chose right then and there that I was to be their new mom. So here I was, so newly heart broken over losing a beloved pet and having these two joys walk right in and fill it back up again. It really only took them the one night to get comfortable. The first day here, straight out of the carrier, they were running, playing with all their new toys and so much exploring to do! This picture shows how relaxed and content they are and happy to be here. I decided to keep their names. They fit them both very well. They have found their forever home and they are enjoying their new life and home.

Thank you


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