It Takes a Community!

It Takes a Community!

By: Judy Hamontre, AVHS Vice-chair

Every time I attend an Ark-Valley Humane Society event, I am reminded how wonderful our community is to support our shelter.

June 28, I joined 2 of our AVHS volunteers and James Bove, our Buena Vista High Country Bank representative for the bank’s annual food drive for the shelter. The Salida branch held their drive on June 21.

Because of the generosity of you, our community, the two drives collected an incredible 1,283 pounds of pet food, which helped us meet our match from High Country Bank who in turn graciously donated $1,000.00. This amazing partnership of bank and shelter supported by you, will ensure our shelter animals are well-fed in the coming months and keep our community pet food pantry well-stocked.

Our Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, and Salida local businesses are amazing in how they support our shelter. They sponsor our events, donate dollars and gifts in kind, host their own events to benefit the shelter and display our collection boxes.

Equally exciting is the contributions of so many of you, our community members with volunteering, fostering, adopting, participating in our events and programs, and donating dollars, pet food and supplies.

Truly heartwarming are all the compliments, photos, and stories you share with staff, volunteers, and board members about your pets, many adopted from AVHS,  and how they fill your lives with love and joy.

Those supporting kudos, dollars dropped in our collection box, stories and photos truly warmed our hearts at the food drives.

To all in our Chaffee County Valley, thank you!

You truly make a difference in the lives of the many companion animals at our shelter. They all bark and meow their appreciation to you, the community who gives them a second chance at happiness.

Yes, it takes a community!


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