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Feb 2017

With snow on the ground and pets sleeping in their cozy nooks or by the fireside, kitten season seems far off. Outdoor cats are not as noticeable this time of year. February is a time when animals conserve energy. It’s a time for sleeping in and staying sheltered. So, you might ask, why was February chosen to be Spay Neuter Awareness Month? It turns out, now, while the snow is still flying, is prime time for animals to get fixed. Unwanted litters, so often born in the warmer months, can be avoided......

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Jan 2017

A beautiful 80 pound Alaskan Malamute named Maya entered our doors on December 1st and we all felt there was something special about her but had no idea the reunion that was in store. Like all dogs and cats that enter AVHS, one of the first things we do is scan for a microchip. Through a bit of digging on our end, we found that Maya’s microchip traced back to an organization in Phoenix, AZ – Maya had been initially chipped at our Executive Director’s previous employer, a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. What......

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