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Jun 2019

Have you seen those eye-catching yellow and blue Colorado license plates with the paw print? Ever wondered what they’re all about? Chances are you’re not alone. The Adopt-a-Shelter Pet license plate became available in 2011 to promote shelter adoptions and generate revenue to help shelter pets. Today, the Adopt-a-Shelter Pet license plate is one of the most popular special use plates in the state and can be seen on more than 20,000 Colorado vehicles. The “pet plate” can be purchased through your local Department of Motor Vehicles with an initial $30 donation......

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Jan 2018

It was a few days before Thanksgiving that Roper was brought in to AVHS. He was extremely emaciated and very hungry and thirsty. Roper was found tied to a tree in a very remote area off a trail in Four Mile, in Buena Vista. The kind person who found him said it was by chance, as he was far off the beaten path. When she first saw Roper he was tied to a tree and unable to break himself free. He had a thin rope around his neck that was so tight, his rescuer......

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