Tag: collars

Jun 2016

Sometimes animals come to us having little and needing a lot. This rang true for eight dogs transferred to our small rural shelter on a cold Wednesday afternoon in January. All husky mixes, Gypsy, Dakota, Zola, Elway, Jenna, Balto, Nana, and Willow came to us as a result of a cruelty seizure in a nearby Colorado county. We had heard, prior to them coming that they were in pretty bad shape, but nothing can really prepare you for something like this. After several weeks of total neglect and abandonment, without a consistent......

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May 2016

How can you help ensure your wandering pet is returned to you safely? Besides keeping a watchful eye on your dog or cat, there are ways out there to enable a lost pet to be identified and returned to you. A collar is a necessity. It is surprising how many dogs are lost and when discovered by some good Samaritan can’t be reunited because there is no collar or tag or microchip. Let’s begin with the collar. Did you know there are many internet entries about the topic History of Dog Collars?......

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