Pittie Puppy Thrivers

Pittie Puppy Thrivers

By: Judy Hamontre, AVHS Vice-chair

Near the end of February, four pit bull pups were born at the Ark-Valley Humane Society. Their mother was super sweet, but, for reasons that cannot be known for certain, she refused to nurse one of her newborns and a few days later refused a second.

This is one of those unexpected situations that can happen, even with the most loving mom.

The AVHS staff went into action with bottle feeding and lots of TLC, which even included staff members taking the two puppies home at night to observe, provide warmth, and continue with their frequent feeding and hydration needs. As the puppies grew stronger, volunteer foster homes also aided in their care.

It was touch and go at times, but due to constant loving care, both grey puppies, Acadia and Archie, not only survived but finally thrived, becoming two of the most adorable, roly-poly puppies you have ever seen.

They have now been adopted as have their two white litter mates, Mesa and Zion, into four different, loving homes, and all are happily continuing to thrive, bringing the kind of joy only a cute pup can bring to a household.

Tail-waggin’ good news stories such as these are meant to be shared and celebrated. These particular happy endings are only possible because of the amazing staff and volunteer fosters at the Ark-Valley Humane Society.

There are other dogs waiting for a happy ending to their “tail.” Check them out on the AVHS website, ark-valley.org

Acadia is pictured here


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