Pet Behavior Support

Jenna receiving puppy kisses from her dog, Henry

Behavior Counseling

Ark-Valley Humane Society offers behavior support and counseling for community pets. Our team is available Monday-Saturday to provide guidance to pet families in need. Please call 719-395-2737 or fill out this form to schedule a time to speak with one of our staff members and ensure your pets success!

Behavior Intervention Voucher Program

Ark-Valley Humane Society now offers assistance for those who are experiencing behavior issues with their dog and need financial support to obtain dog training. We partner with positive reinforcement dog trainers to offer you 4 individual training lessons for your dog. You must be a Chaffee County Resident to qualify for this program. You can apply for assistance here.

Dog Trainers in Chaffee County 

Jenna Geldreich


Leadville, Buena Vista & Salida, CO

Laura Bussing (Gone To The Dogs)


235 West Hwy 50

Salida, CO

Laura Pintane


Salida, CO

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