Notes about Rescued Dogs

Notes about Rescued Dogs

By: Judy Lore, AVHS Volunteer

I chose to begin with a local rescue story. Many of you know that George Blake of Salida enjoyed his 100th birthday on January 29th of this year. Many may not know that George has always had a fondness for boxers. Boxers have a sweet way about them and George has had five dogs as an adult with four Boxers and one Australian Cattle Dog. All of them have been rescues and found a forever home with George. His latest is Shelby who had been returned a couple times to a shelter. George checked her out and brought her home two years ago. They spend all their time together with Shelby often curled up on George’s lap as he sits in his recliner. In nice weather they take walks together Shelby is a lucky girl because I know how much George loves his dogs. George and I served on the Ark-Valley Humane Society Board of Directors and even had dogs in a training class together at one time. Good for you, Shelby, to have found a great home.

When Harry Met Minnie by Martha Teichner is a particularly good read  and a very pleasant surprise. I most enjoy well-written animal books and Teichner outdid herself on her very first and so far, only book about her bull terrier, Minnie, and her new friend Carol’s bull terrier Harry. Some of us are familiar with Martha Teichner’s interviews and work on CBS Sunday Morning. She’s been a reporter for forty some years and has been a CBS Sunday Morning correspondent since 1993. Before that she was shifted around the world to live in various countries covering important news stories. She lives now in New York City and has for 20 plus years.

On her way to the Farmers Market on a typical Saturday shopping trip with Minnie rather reluctantly in tow, she met up with a friend who asked if she would consider taking in Harry the bull terrier of a close friend of his who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wanted to find someone to care for her dog after she died. It had to be a very special person Carol said emphatically. Long story short – Harry eventually came to live with Martha and Minnie and there were many touching moments along the way. Martha learned so much about Carol and regretted not knowing her much earlier. Carol was a designer of many things, fashion, décor, accessories and lived on the street behind the New York Stock Exchange. Yes, there were sad times, but there were many more joyful times. Carol had many, many friends who loved her dearly. She was a bit of an eccentric but a truly loyal friend to those she considered her family.

I’ve only visited NYC once and this book gave me an insider’s “take” on what NYC is really like from the Farmers’ Market to the bus lines Martha used to get around the city.  Most of all I was impressed with the deep friendship that developed between Martha and Carol and Carol’s insistence on truly knowing the person her Harry was going to be with after she passed. An extra feature was learning about a breed I’ve never actually seen in person but only in commercials. Apparently bull terriers are known for their stubbornness but do love to cuddle and Minnie and Harry demonstrated this abundantly. Yes, there are sad parts, but overall Teichner accented the positive of friendships and the love of bull terriers.


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