National Poison Prevention Week


The week of March 20th is National Poison Prevention Week which we feel is a wonderful time to remind you of the common household items that pose danger for your furry family members.

Every year, the ASPCA Poison Control Center releases its Top 10 List of toxins pet ingest. According to, in 2016 the list was based on 180,639 calls about potential poisonings, and APCC veterinarians tabulated the 10 subjects callers were most often worried about.

We would like to share these with you as a reminder to protect your pets from ingesting these potentially harmful or even deadly items:

  1. Human Prescription Medications-Specifically, antidepressants, heart and ADHD medications as the top medications. Please hide these away and out of sight as pets can jump onto counters or knock the bottle over.
  2. OTC Products-Ibuprofen was the number one call the Poison Center got calls about people’s pets ingesting.
  3. Food-Because of many sugar-free food items containing Xylitol, which is very dangerous to pets.
  4. Veterinary Products-OTC supplements for joint health or prescription pain medicine for your pet are often made to taste good, so pets end up eating more than they should.
  5. Household items-these include paints, glues and cleaning products.
  6. Chocolate-From brownies to chocolate bars, dogs love chocolate.
  7. Insecticides-Although there has been a decrease in the number of calls for this.
  8. Rodenticides
  9. Plants
  10. Garden Products-Unfortunately, many pets find fertilizers irresistible.

If you ever suspect your pet has gotten into something it shouldn’t have, give the Animal Poison Control Center a call at 888-426-4435 or contact your veterinarian immediately.