AVHS Hosts First Community Microchip and Pet ID Tag Clinic

AVHS Hosts First Community Microchip and Pet ID Tag Clinic

By: Emy Nettleblad, AVHS Outreach Manager

Ark-Valley Humane Society is excited to announce its first ever Community Microchip and Pet ID tag clinic. We will be inviting the public to the shelter on Sunday, July 21st, from 12-3PM for free microchips and pet id tags.

Make sure to bring your cats in a carrier and your dogs on a leash. When you arrive please leave your pets in the car and check in at our outdoor table near the front door. Depending on availability, staff will instruct you where to go from there. There will be an outdoor area with water bowls for friendly dogs.

This event is possible thanks to our amazing business sponsors Full Circle Real Estate Group, Tracks Software, Selix Law, Oxford CPA LLC, Gypsy Green Design LLC, Dragonfly Gifts, and Moonlighter Mobile Entertainment. They all generously donated $250 each to help provide these vital services to our community, for free!

Keeping your pet id tags up to date and getting your pet microchipped helps pets be reunited sooner if the worst were to ever happen. In 2023 Ark-Valley Humane Society helped reunite 185 lost animals with their families. Pets who came in with up-to-date tags and/or microchips were able to go home sooner. One of the first things AVHS staff is trained to do when a lost animal arrives is check for id tags and scan for a microchip.

Microchips are quite small – the size of a grain of rice – and are inserted just between your pets shoulder blades. The microchip contains a unique ID number. It is not a GPS and can’t be tracked. Most vet offices and shelters will have a special scanner that can read this chip number. It is then registered with a microchip company who the shelter or vet clinic can call to get your contact information. Ark-Valley Humane Society will register this chip with the microchip company we use, 24 Pet Watch. If you ever move or get a new phone number it is important to call your microchip company to update this information.

If your pet isn’t microchipped or doesn’t have an up-to-date id tag we hope you can make it to our microchip event at the shelter next month!


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