If you’re in the BV area or on any of the BV Facebook groups, you may have seen this cutie’s picture (potentially with a cute Christmas sweater on.)

This is Jade. Jade is a fighter. Let me rephrase that, Jade has literally had to fight for her life.

At an estimated age of sixteen, Jade was found on the side of the road in Buena Vista by a Good Samaritan. Extremely skinny and matted, Jade was looking rough. Upon seeing her we noted two things: 1. She was so, so sweet and genuinely seemed happy and relieved to be with us. 2. She was a senior who was hard of hearing and needed a vet to examine her.

To our luck, Dr. Richard Gastellum of At Home Pet Doctor offered to check Jade out at no cost to us. What a guy! He drew blood on sweet Jade and gave her an all-around health exam. Upon receiving Jade’s blood work back, it was made clear that Miss Jade had several health issues. Concerned that she may not make it through sedation because of a heart issue, and after consulting with Dr. Gastellum, we felt Jade would be a great candidate for ‘Fospice.’ Fospice is essentially a foster home that acts as hospice for a senior pet who may have a life-limiting, non-contagious illness. While Jade is not suffering, her medical condition prevents us from being able to adopt her out. There are a few things we are able to treat like her nasty ear infections which were most likely causing her hearing loss and we can provide proper food to support some of her vital organs.

What’s really important is that we can offer Jade a warm and safe place to lay her head each night. A home that loves her, feeds her, and cares for her until her final days. We don’t know when that will be, but in the meantime, it’s important that Jade has a place to call her home.

With her age comes some forgetfulness. She already somehow managed to escape her foster home through a doggy door only to find herself a 1/2 mile down the road at someone else’s doggy door, begging to come in. Jade is home safe and sound now (and with a taped up doggy-door so she can’t escape anymore) and we’re so happy she is.

Your contributions make it possible for us to care for senior cats like Jade, who potentially might not have had a chance at another shelter. Thank you for loving senior pets like Jade through your support and partnering with us as we advocate for the welfare of all animals through compassion and care.