Be a Hero for Ridley

Be a Hero for Ridley

In the beginning of February, an approximately six year old male Miniature Australian Shepherd was brought in to our shelter as a stray. Like we do with all stray animals who come to Ark-Valley Humane Society, Ridley’s picture and information was put on our Facebook page, and a Found Report was created for him on our website.

Since we don’t see many miniature Australian Shepherd’s brought in as strays, we were hopeful his family would come forward. After Ridley’s five day stray hold was up, he legally became ours. As we prepared to have him neutered, we noticed Ridley had trouble controlling his bowels, and appeared to be in pain. Our shelter vet examined Ridley and reported some less than ideal news.

It was discovered that Ridley had what’s called a Perineal Hernia. Basically, this is an extremely painful condition resulting from the weakening or complete failure of the muscular diaphragm of the pelvis. In Ridley’s case, it was causing swelling, pain, difficulty defecating, an irregular bladder, and an enlarged prostate.

We were able to have Ridley seen by a specialist veterinarian in Denver and it was determined that an emergency surgery was Ridley’s only option of survival. Upon examination, it was also discovered that Ridley was cryptorchid, or had a retained testicle, requiring a more extensive neuter.

On Friday, February 16th, we felt the best decision for Ridley was to proceed with the surgery to fix his hernia and neuter him. Ridley made it through the extensive surgery and after recovering for a day at the animal hospital, he is now home with one of our trusted foster parents. Though he has a long road of healing ahead of him, we are hopeful for a full recovery. We are managing his pain and monitoring his three very large incisions closely.

Since we’ve learned more about Ridley’s health issues, we feel there is a large probability that Ridley was abandoned due to his medical conditions and the costs associated with them. Although this saddens us, we are thankful that Ridley is finally able to receive the medical care he needs.

Although the veterinarian gave us a discount for Ridley’s surgery, we are still looking at a $6,000 bill. We are asking our wonderful community of supporters to help us with this cost. Any bit helps, and we know Ridley is already so grateful for your gifts. Because of this surgery, Ridley will be free from the pain he was having to endure on a daily basis, and can continue to live a happy and healthy life.

If you donate online, please put “For Ridley” in the ‘Reason for Gift’ box of the online donation form. Or if you’re writing a check, put “For Ridley” in the memo line. Thank you so much, we’re so grateful for your support.