Hello my friends, my name is Jasper

Hello my friends, my name is Jasper
Hello my friends, my name is Jasper and I just wanted to say thank you for making my time at AVHS amazing. Even if I could be a bit nervous and cautious at times, everyone gave me so much love. Well I still was uncertain about things, so I called out to the Universe for help. It’s weird, but this guy shows up out of the blue, and I instantly knew we could be buds. When I spent my first night over with this human, I was so excited. He had the prettiest female dog which a young stud like me could ask for! Wait, it gets better! He also has 2 of the coolest cats ever. Instantly I had cat friends and the next night I swear we were all best friends. Now how cool is that?! Did I mention there is a dog bed big enough for all of us? And new furry friends stop by a lot and we have walks and play, park and massages and …. Oops, I am sorry. I love it here and get SO excited! I have sore tail muscles from wagging so much. My confidence is at an all-time high and I’m fitting in nicely.

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