From Tied to a Tree to a Loving Family

From Tied to a Tree to a Loving Family

Top Picture: Roper (now Monty) with his new parents. Pictures Below: The day he was found, tied to a tree.

It was a few days before Thanksgiving that Roper was brought in to AVHS. He was extremely emaciated and very hungry and thirsty. Roper was found tied to a tree in a very remote area off a trail in Four Mile, in Buena Vista.

The kind person who found him said it was by chance, as he was far off the beaten path. When she first saw Roper he was tied to a tree and unable to break himself free. He had a thin rope around his neck that was so tight, his rescuer could barely get her fingers in between his neck and the rope. He had a large scar on his hind leg which we first thought was from surgery but later realized it was a rope burn from him trying to escape.

Roper’s rescuer later spoke with the Department of Wildlife who mentioned that Roper might’ve been used as live bobcat bait. We are huge proponents of having compassion in every situation but we must admit, this was hard for us to hear and see.

It didn’t take long for Roper to feel better, fill out and find himself a family of his own! His new parents provided this update, “Monty is doing great. He is a very smart dog and we love taking him on adventures.He loves going hiking, spending time near the river, and persuading our two cats to love and play with him. He’s the kindest, gentlest dog and a perfect addition to our family.” Now that’s the life that Roper deserves! A life of adventure and filled with love. You helped make that possible. Your donations enable us to care for and take in animals just like Roper and for that, we say thank you!