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Typical Summer Foods Dogs need to Avoid

Typical Summer Foods Dogs need to Avoid

By: Judy Lore, AVHS Volunteer

As I type this the temperature has reached 91 so far and is predicted to go a couple degrees higher. That’s HOT for this valley. The dogs are too warm, and we’re all hanging out near the fans and in front of the air-conditioner. What summer foods and goodies can we share and which should we not share with our furry buddies is the question.

Beer. We had a dog who loved to lick the empty beer cans and that was all he was allowed: the empty can. He enjoyed it and no chance of getting too much of this carbonated and yeast-filled beverage which ice cold is so pleasing on hot days. There is a beer brewed especially for dogs if you want to indulge your pup. It’s called Bowser Beer and it’s non-alcoholic and comes in beef and chicken flavors with added vitamins and glucosamine for joint health. I imagine most dogs would love lapping up one of these.

Ice Cream. Many dogs are lactose intolerant and can develop digestive issues after eating too much of dairy products. Sugar substitutes and chocolate can also present problems. There are several dog-friendly “ice cream” treats available locally along with smoothies for dogs. Note: no raisins or nuts.

Corn on the Cob. Corn is not particularly harmful but it is high in sugar so take care. It’s that cob you need to throw away to prevent intestinal blockage. Give them a chew stick instead.

Grapes. Raisins, which are simply shriveled up grapes, and grapes themselves are toxic to dogs. They affect the kidneys and that can pose very serious problems. Give them watermelon instead or frozen blueberries.

Fruit Seeds and Pits. Many dogs adore apples but stay away from allowing them to eat the seeds. The seeds in the apple core contain cyanide which is poisonous. Apple slices are fine. Peach and plum and nectarine pits are a definite no. These fruits also contain cyanide and also present a possible choking hazard.

Good Idea:  Pupsicles – Instead of any of the above, chop up apples and place in ice cube trays. Then fill with chicken stock -without onions – and freeze.

Fatty Foods. Don’t overfeed barbecued foods to your pups. Some grilled meats are high in fats. Instead, if you want to pamper your dog, throw a boneless chicken breast, unseasoned, on the grill for his/her delight.

Enjoy your summer months now that we can get out and about more and keep your dogs healthy.


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