Feel Good. Volunteer.

Feel Good. Volunteer.

By: Judy Hamontre, AVHS Volunteer

Spring is blooming, summer adventures are calling and our Ark-Valley Humane Society (AVHS) is excited to be opening up its volunteer program again.

It is such a rewarding, heart-warming and fun experience to volunteer at AVHS.  Seeing dog tails wag and hearing cats purr will lift your spirits and make your soul smile.

The caring and friendly staff are appreciative of any and all help, and there are so many opportunities to assist them and make a difference for these wonderfully deserving shelter animals.

You can walk dogs to provide exercise and work with them on simple commands and social behavior to enrich their lives, making them even more adoptable.

You can cuddle with cats and train them, knowing you are making them happy and getting them on their way to their “fur-ever” homes.

You can assist the staff with household chores such as laundry, washing dishes, sweeping and my favorite, stuffing Kongs to be frozen for late night treats.

You can also help transport animals to and from vet visits or animal transfers. The staff helps you load and unload, and the animals are secured.  On one trip I made between Salida and BV, 3 kittens entertained me with their “music.”  However, when I popped in a Beatles CD, I discovered they were also appreciative, quiet listeners.

You just never know how fun any one experience can be.  I guarantee you will laugh as you help photograph a dog or cat for adoption advertising.  They can be quite the hams.

Working at special events is a marvelous treat as you are surrounded by fellow animal lovers gathering together in the common bond of helping animals.

You also can provide foster visits to help socialize these sweet animals or better yet be a foster.  Our new AVHS shelter is wonderful, but life in a home is always better.

You can join me and other “authors” in creating a public voice for animal welfare by writing articles for Mountain Mail.

There is no end to what you can do.  Right now there is a strong need for regularly scheduled cat kennel cleaners.  All you have to do is agree to a few hours one morning a week.  The task in AVHS’ new facilities is really quite easy, and the staff is so grateful. You make the cats happy, too.

Open your heart and expand your life by volunteering for our amazing Ark-Valley Humane Society.

Go to ark-valley.org to begin the process.  No act of kindness is ever too small.  You will help give furry bundles of unconditional love the lives they deserve, and you will be fulfilled, feeling the joy of giving.  You can make a difference.


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