Community Members Report Bite Incidents

Community Members Report Bite Incidents

February 12, 2023

Contact: Amber van Leuken, Executive Director

(719) 395-2737, main phone


Community Members Report Bite Incidents


Following Ark-Valley Humane Society’s (AVHS) media release sent out on Saturday, Feb. 11 regarding the Echo relinquishment incident, AVHS has received two reports from verified community members of Echo’s past behavior, both of which resulted in biting.  

The first report states that Echo bit a child while his owners were in Europe, and the dog was being cared for in Salida.  The child was bitten on the arm, leaving bruises on his skin.  

The second report states that three (3) days prior to Echo’s relinquishment to AVHS, Echo was being exercised off-leash on a dirt road near Salida while his owners were driving in their vehicle next to the dog.  The reporting party saw the vehicle approaching, and stepped to the side of the road with their dog.  While the reporting party’s dog was sitting obediently next to its owner, Echo approached them, lunged at the dog and bit it, causing a laceration on its ear.  Echo’s owner immediately stopped the vehicle and ran out to retrieve Echo and put him in the vehicle. Echo’s owner then exchanged contact information with the reporting party and offered to pay veterinary expenses for the injured dog.  The wound became infected and the injured dog received veterinary care. 

Neither of these occurrences were reported to Ark-Valley Humane Society by Echo’s owners at the time of relinquishment. Since this has become an issue of public importance and safety, we are sharing this new information for documentation purposes and to keep our community informed.

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