Behavior Corner

Apr 2021
Hand Signals & Verbal Commands

By: Jenna Geldreich, AVHS Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator By: Jenna Geldreich, AVHS Behavior & Enrichment Coordinator When training your dog it is important to be consistent and have plenty of patience. My number one rule for training is: always make it fun! If you as the handler are having a bad day or feeling down please skip training your pup for the day. It is important to remember that our dogs sense our energy. So keep your training upbeat and positive, the results you are looking for will come. Another rule for......

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Feb 2021
Managing the Environment when training your dog

By: Jenna Geldreich, AVHS Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator When training any animal, setting them up for success is vital.  This can take many forms, but one of the most important is the ability to manage the environment in which your training session takes place. By being in a controlled environment you limit the amount of distractions which can prevent your pet from making mistakes and allow you, as the handler, to focus on shaping and rewarding the behaviors you like and want to see more often.  When starting out on training you......

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