How You Can Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it’s difficult for us to fully comprehend the devastation and hurt this natural disaster has caused so many people. Ark-Valley Humane Society is making efforts to help animals in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey by accepting transfers of adoptable animals from shelters that are taking lost and/or abandoned animals that are directly affected. On Wednesday, August 31, AVHS received seventeen cats from Acadian Animal Aid near Lafayette, Louisiana. If you would like to support our efforts locally, we are currently seeking donations of Purina Cat Chow Complete dry food or monetary donations to AVHS.

To support the organizations directly affected by Hurricane Harvey, we found a helpful article from about the shelters working around the clock to keep the animals safe. To quote the article, “The SPCA of Brazoria County, in addition to caring for its usual number of pets, also has a temporary shelter at the local fairgrounds. There, they’ve got an additional 150 dogs and puppies, 20 cats, 22 pot-bellied pigs, 10 regular pigs and 25 goats, as well as chickens and horses. They’re anticipating the figure will increase significantly in the coming days as the flooding continues, and then again by even more when the waters recede.”

Another way to help from afar is to offer financial support for national groups like Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States. They have boots on the ground and are working to help evacuate and bring abandoned pets to safety.

It’s times like these where people come together for a greater cause to help those in need. There are so many ways to help and show your support. Even from states away, you are making a difference in the lives of those people and pets affected by Hurricane Harvey.