Information for Prospective AVHS Board Members

What should you know before you decide to join the AVHS Board of Directors

We expect each board member to:

  • attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled monthly board meetings (exceptions are allowed for in the Bylaws). Must be able to attend either in-person or virtually as needed.
  • volunteer to help with events to the extent possible
  • actively help to raise money for AVHS
  • to support AVHS with their own annual financial contribution (we would always like more, but there is a minimum amount to cover the cost of the Ark-Valley email address that will be assigned to you)
  • check director email account frequently and be comfortable with navigating the google platform for checking emails and accessing google documents
  • be informed of and meet all legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • be an ambassador for AVHS
  • understand and respect the difference between the roles and responsibilities of the board members and of shelter management
  • understand and comply with applicable policies and procedures

We do not expect board members to volunteer at the shelter, but they may if they so choose.