Beat the Winter Time Blues

Beat the Winter Time Blues

With winter in full bloom, your dog probably isn’t getting the amount of outdoor exercise and enrichment like in the summer months. This can sometimes mean disruptive behavior and acting out. We’ve come up with a few fun ways to beat your pup’s cabin fever and keep him properly entertained through the winter months!

  1. Incorporate some sort of food puzzle or enrichment toy. Keeping their brains engaged and challenged is a great way to keep them occupied and on their toes (paws)! You can purchase these online or from your local pet store or search the internet for simple DIY enrichment ideas for your dog.
  2. Make time for a date with your dog. Whether that be a special outing in the car to one of your pet-friendly coffee shops or setting up a play date with another dog. Your dog will appreciate some time outside of the house and interacting with some new people or pups.
  3. Spend time training your dog. This can be a fun thing to do inside your home. Try teaching your dog a new trick like shake or roll over. Positive reinforcement is key!

The winter months don’t have to be a boring time for your dog. Creativity and quality time can go a long way in helping to prevent destruction to your home and adding enrichment to your dogs daily schedule.doginsnow