AVHS Helps Cats in Need

Three women wearing masks and scrubs standing in the home where the cats are

In early January Ark-Valley Humane Society was called to assist with some animals in dire need in Salida. After a small house fire broke out in a home, first responders noticed that the cats living there were not in great health. 2 deceased cats were found with 9 living. They were in extremely sub-par conditions, many with months of feces still attached to their fur. Three AVHS staff members arrived to help get the cats into a safer place. Unfortunately these cats were extremely under-socialized and fearful (understandably so), but after hours of work they were all safely transported to the shelter. Sadly, one of the cats passed away.

After over two weeks of care we were able to place the remaining 8 into loving foster homes in pairs, where they have spent the past few weeks slowly learning to trust humans again. One of the pairs, Autumn & Belle, were adopted together last week! We’re extremely grateful to our fosters and fellow staff members who are spending time and care to help socialize these cats. Mental health can affect people and their pets in many ways. When you can, check up on your neighbors, family, friends and their pets. You may be able to help more than you realize.

At the time of writing this, six of these cats are still available for adoption through AVHS, please check out our adoptable cats page if interested in learning more: ark-valley.org/adopt/cats/. If you’re able to help donate for the care of these cats we would be extremely grateful.


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