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Tails on the Trail

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Virtual Event! We hope to see you next year!


Anytime from March 31st- May 17th! Tag us in your social media posts to be featured! #TailsOntheTrail2020 #arkvalleyhumanesociety


Wherever you want!

  • Your living room
  • The park
  • Your neighborhood
  • Your favorite hiking trail
  • The trail by your house
  • Your backyard


All registered participants will receive:

  • A Commemorative Event T-shirt
  • A Commemorative Race-Bib

*This will be passed out after the event*

Presented by Ark-Valley Humane Society, Salida Recreation and the Salida Dog Club


Our 3rd Tails on the Trail 5k Run/Walk for Animals will be virtually held between the dates of

March 31st –  May 17, 2020

This is a family and dog-friendly 5k race with proceeds benefiting the life-saving work of Ark-Valley Humane Society. All runners and participants welcome. Pets are not required, we encourage dogs and cats (and any other companion animal!) to participate virtually as well.


March 31st – May 17th: Enjoy a walk or run and tag Ark-Valley Humane Society in your social media post to be featured! #TailsontheTrail2020 #ArkValleyHumaneSociety!

Tails on the Trail Course Map


Course Description

The race course begins on Airport Rd. by the intersection of Airport Rd. & Holman Ave. Participants will travel along the sidewalk on the south side of Airport Rd., then turn right onto County Road 144. Along County Road 144, participants are encouraged to run on the side of the road. The route continues on CR 144 until it intersects with CR 160. Then it turns right to travel east along CR 160 along the sidewalk on the south side of CR 160.  The first aid station will be at the corner of Indigo Lane and County Road 160 (about 1.5 miles into the race). The route continues east on CR 160 then turns right on Grant St. Participants are encouraged to stay on the side of the road as they travel south on Grant St. The route turns right at the stop sign to travel west (along the side of the road) up Poncha Blvd. The route continues to the intersection of Poncha Blvd & Holman Ave, where participants will cross Poncha Blvd to run along the east side of Holman Ave. down to the Loyal Duke’s Dog Park. The finish line is at the entrance of Loyal Duke’s Dog Park.
*Please note that streets will NOT be closed during this race. Signs will be placed along the course to alert cars to the race and we will have street crossing attendants at the intersection of Holman Ave and Poncha Blvd, but is the participant’s responsibility to be mindful of cars as they cross streets and run along the road. Dogs must be leashed throughout the race. Dogs will only be allowed off-leash inside Loyal Duke’s Dog Park.

Thank You to Our 2020 Tails on the Trail Race Sponsors!

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A brief history on Loyal Duke, a loved dog who inspired this race

This information was provided by Friends of Loyal Duke

In 1889, an American Water Spaniel named Duke made the Salida train depot his office; meeting and greeting the trains coming through. Duke would visit around town as well as wander up Tenderfoot Hill with visitors. Duke was adopted by the manager of the Hotel Monte Cristo, which sat right between the narrow-gauge tracks and the river. At the opera, the residents would let Duke in the back door and he’d take naps behind the curtain. He would go to dances, plays, and when he was young, he would even chase home run balls at the baseball games. Duke was Salida’s ambassador for 13 years; welcoming visitors and accompanying the locals. Loyal Duke passed away on October 2, 1902. His loyalty to the town earned him the name we remember him by now – Loyal Duke.