Pets of the Week – Heart of the Rockies Radio

Pets of the Week - Heart of the Rockies Radio
Meet our Heart of the Rockies Radio News pet of the week, Sheila!
Sheila is a 7-month-old Australian cattle dog mix. She was transferred in from New Mexico after initially being found under an abandoned house. Labor of Love Project , a rescue organization in New Mexico, put the call out to see if anyone could help as Sheila was put on the euthanasia list at her current animal control facility due to severe overcrowding. At the time we had space for Sheila (and others transferred in) and were incredibly grateful to be able to help.
Sheila is still learning and growing at 7-months-old. She can be wary of new experiences, but is gaining more and more confidence with each passing day. She’s made other dog friends here at the shelter and is truly starting to blossom into a more self-assured and happy dog! Sheila will make a great companion for a loving family.
PS Since she is the pet of the week her adoption fees are half off until next Wednesday!
We hope to hear from you soon!