Pet of the Week – Heart of the Rockies Radio

Pet of the Week - Heart of the Rockies Radio
Trixie is our Heart of the Rockies Radio News pets of the week!
Trixie’s 8th birthday is quickly approaching. Her only wish is to celebrate it with her forever family. Please share this post and help get Trixie home for her birthday! ?
Trixie would love to spend her birthday with you! Here’s what the day could look like:
You wake up and Trixie emerges from her kennel, her favorite spot to snooze. Trixie greets you with a goofy smile and tail wag. She patiently waits for her breakfast. It is a gorgeous day out so you take her on a walk. She is so grateful for the chance to spend more time with you.
You leave to go run errands or go to work, but are confident knowing she’ll be comfortable and cozy in her kennel. When you return you take her out to play in the yard, where she gets the most adorable bout of zoomies. She plays with her favorite toys and poses for the camera so you can show your family and friends how beautiful your new dog is.
You end the day snuggling on the couch with sweet Trixie. She’s happiest by your side. Trixie heads to her bed to rest for the night, happy knowing she’s finally met you!
Please help make this a reality for sweet Trixie, she deserves so much love!
If interested in adopting, please start by filling out an application here:
We hope to hear from you soon.