A Look at the Adopt-a-Shelter Pet License Plate

A Look at the Adopt-a-Shelter Pet License Plate

Have you seen those eye-catching yellow and blue Colorado license plates with the paw print? Ever
wondered what they’re all about? Chances are you’re not alone. The Adopt-a-Shelter Pet license plate
became available in 2011 to promote shelter adoptions and generate revenue to help shelter pets.
Today, the Adopt-a-Shelter Pet license plate is one of the most popular special use plates in the state
and can be seen on more than 20,000 Colorado vehicles. The “pet plate” can be purchased through your
local Department of Motor Vehicles with an initial $30 donation plus the standard $50 fee for Special
Use License Plates. Each year at renewal, the plate holder will be charged a $25 donation in addition to
the normal registration fee.
Revenue generated by license plate donations is administered by the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund
and awarded in the form of grants to benefit companion animals in Colorado’s neediest shelters. On an
annual basis, shelters can apply to the Fund for grants to provide medical care, sterilization surgery, or
microchip identification implants for animals in their care. The goal of the Fund is to give as many shelter
animals as possible the chance to be adopted into loving homes.
Thanks to the generosity of Colorado’s pet-loving vehicle owners, the Pet Overpopulation Fund is now
able to award more than $300,000 annually to shelters across the state. Each year, over 30 shelters
across Colorado have received grants from the Fund, which have helped thousands of shelter pets find
their new homes. This year, Ark-Valley Humane Society received $11,000 in license plate funding to
provide spay and neuter services to pets in the shelter. The pet sitting beside you right now might have
personally benefited from license plate donations!
And now you know, with an Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet license plate on your vehicle, not only are you driving
around town in style, you are also supporting a very worthy cause!

For more information visit: https://www.coloradopetfund.org/purchase-plate