A Reunion to Remember

A Reunion to Remember
A beautiful 80 pound Alaskan Malamute named Maya entered our doors on December 1st and we all felt there was something special about her but had no idea the reunion that was in store.
Like all dogs and cats that enter AVHS, one of the first things we do is scan for a microchip. Through a bit of digging on our end, we found that Maya’s microchip traced back to an organization in Phoenix, AZ – Maya had been initially chipped at our Executive Director’s previous employer, a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. What are the odds? After some additional digging, our Executive Director, Jonathan, tracked down the owner, based in Phoenix, and told her the news. Turns out, Maya had been missing from her for over two years!
After tears of joy and shock from Maya’s mom, we coordinated Maya’s transport back to Phoenix – reuniting Maya with her long-lost owner.
This story is one of hope restored as we see yet again how a microchip reunites a family with their pet. It made us so happy to see Maya with her owner and though we are still unsure of how Maya ended up in Colorado, we’re just happy she’s back home with her family!
We just received an update from the owner who said Maya is integrating perfectly into their home and they are so glad to have her home. We’re so happy to hear the good news!