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Cindy Klinedinst

Vice Chair

Kay Gardner


Melissa Berndt-Snyder

Board Member

Marsha Sailer

Board Member

Ruth Phillips

Board Member

Forrest Whitman

Board Member

Greg Phillips

Board Member

The Ark-Valley Humane Society Board of Directors is responsible for the general oversight of the organization. The Board is committed to ensuring financial health through effective management of resources and fundraising. In collaboration with the Executive Director, the Board engages in the ongoing evaluation of Ark-Valley Humane Society programs, activities, objectives and goal setting to ensure that all undertakings support the organization’s mission and long-term strategic vision.

Our Newsletter


  • Um excuse me human is there room for me inhellip
    3 days ago "Um excuse me human is there room for me in the chair? Okay great, I'm gonna squeeze in there." Reggie is the biggest baby!
  • Sherman says come see me at Community Banks of Colorado!hellip
    3 days ago Sherman says "come see me at Community Banks of Colorado!" We have some great dogs available for adoption!
  • Kristen the dog whisperer adoptdontshop rescuedogs
    5 days ago Kristen the dog whisperer  #adoptdontshop   #rescuedogs 
  •    Kitty Cat Snuggles adoptdontshop rescuecats
    1 month ago ✌ ❤️ & Kitty Cat Snuggles  #adoptdontshop   #rescuecats 
  •  To celebrate St Patricks Day were giving you ahellip
    1 month ago ☘️ To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we're giving you a chance to receive $25 off up to the entire adoption fee waived! Now through Friday, March 31!☘️ #adoptdontshop   #stpatricksday 
  • Lizzie says Helloooo where is my family?! Im ready tohellip
    2 months ago Lizzie says "Helloooo where is my family?! I'm ready to go hoooooome!"  #adoptdontshop   #rescuedog 

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