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Volunteers Make a Big Difference in the Lives of Shelter Animals. We Hope You Can Join Our Volunteer Team Today!

4 Simple Steps to Becoming an AVHS Volunteer :

• Start by filling out the Volunteer Application.

• Attend a volunteer orientation, offered twice a month on Sundays. If you have any questions, please email Caitlin at or call 719.966.8025.

• Shadow a senior volunteer for hands on training.

Click here for our Volunteer Handbook.

Volgistics Help Guide 1 & Volgistics Help Guide 2

*Please note-You will be required to purchase a volunteer t-shirt for $10.00 


Animal Care & Enrichment

Dog T.L.C.
Take a dog for a walk or a jog. Play fetch in the yard. Work on perfecting a dog's basic obedience skills. Cuddle or massage a dog. Bathe and brush a dog. Your time spent with shelter dogs improves their quality of life and helps them develop the social and obedience skills they need to be successful in a new home. Volunteer opportunities are available 7 days a week 10 am - 5 pm.

Cat T.L.C.
Spend special one-on-one time with a cat at the shelter. Grooming, cuddling and playing with the cats and kittens brings enjoyment, exercise much needed love to their daily routine. Your time spent with shelter cats improves their quality of life and helps them develop the social skills they need to be successful in a new home. Volunteer opportunities are available Monday - Saturday, 10 am - noon & 1 pm - 5;30 pm.

Kennel Assistant
Early risers are welcome to join staff from 8 am to 10 am to assist with dog or cat feeding and kennel cleaning.

Foster Parent
Take a litter of puppies or kittens into your home until they are old enough for adoption. Care for a cat or dog in need of intensive socialization or in need of a break from the shelter due to kennel anxiety. A stable, loving foster home increases the chances that special needs cats, dogs, puppies and kittens do well once adopted. Interested in becoming a foster? Start by filling out the foster application.

Adoption Ambassador

Foster parents can also serve as Adoption Ambassadors.  As an Adoption Ambassador volunteer, foster parents are trained as adoption counselors and help promote their adoptable foster to find a home without having to ever come back to the shelter.  AVHS's Adoption Ambassadors program is supported through a grant from the ASCPA.  Grant funds have sponsored adoption fees of animals rehomed through Adoption Ambassadors and provided Adoption Ambassador T-Shirts for dedicated Adoption Ambassador volunteers.

Take a dog or cat to their new, distant home, transfer adoptble pets to other facilities to expand their adoption opportunities or help get a shelter pet to a vet appointment.

Program Support

Special Events Volunteer
Hang flyers, set up booths, assist with adopt-a-thons, bake cookies, wash a dog, and much more...

Humane Education
Talk to a classroom in one of our local schools ab out the importance of responsible pet guardianship or help give a school group a shelter tour.

Facilities Support

Construction/ Maintenance
Help with maintenance and construction projects at the shelter from time to time.  Paint a room, assemble new kennels, install shelving, etc.  If you're a handy person and willing to help, let us know.  There is almost always a project waiting that can use your help.

We do this nearly every day to keep bedding and toys clean! If you are a 'master folder', we can use your talent.

Yard Maintenance
For those with afternoons free, yard poop scooping is a great way to get some exercise, sun shine, fresh air and mountain views while spending time with dog play buddy groups.

Animal Care Volunteer Agreement
AVHS Animal Care Volunteers support the work of AVHS staff in caring for and rehoming shelter animals. AVHS staff is responsible for decision making related to animal care and the placement or euthanasia of shelter animals, and it is the role of volunteers to support staff in their work by providing foster homes, TLC, and assisting with cleaning, feeding, and transport of animals. Volunteers are provided an overview of shelter services, programs, and policies at orientation and in the Volunteer Handbook. Animal Care Volunteers report to the Animal Care Technicians (SACT or ACT) on duty for the Animal Area (Dog Room, Cat Room, etc) for which they are volunteering. The on duty SACT or ACT is responsible for supervising the work of volunteers and community service workers. Concerns or questions that cannot be adequately addressed by the on duty SACT or ACT should be addressed via the Volunteer Question Resolution Process. Urgent concerns that cannot be resolved by the on duty SACT or ACT should be addressed with the on-duty Manager. 

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